Where do I start?

  1. You start with an idea! Then you hash it out (and Google for more info on it) until you know what you want your site to be about.
  2. Figure out what you want your new site to be called.  (Google for more ideas?)
  3. Think up a domain name that isn’t already taken. (Do a search on any domain name search site…or just head straight to Rick’s Cheap Domains, since that’s where I’m going to send you to buy the domain name anyway! There’s a search box on the home page.)
  4. Buy your domain name at Rick’s Cheap Domains (or any registrar you like…I’m switching all my domain names to Rick because he’s cheaper than most anything out there and he has been a guest speaker on “The LinkedIn Lady Show” many times…which is a podcast I listen to regularly…so I’ve come to trust him after hearing him talk about a variety of business related topics…AND The LinkedIn Lady recommends him.)
  5. Once you’ve purchased your domain name, you are ready to purchase your hosting space. Head over to Host Gator (Yes, that is an affiliate link! If you go with Host Gator, please help a webmama out and use that link. Every little bit helps!) for very affordable and unlimited space and EXCELLENT customer service, including online tech support in the form of live chats 24/7! I have been using them a few years now and I really like them a LOT!
  6. Next you’ll need to set your nameservers so that your domain name will point to your hosting space. If you are using Host Gator, log into your hosting account here: https://gbclient.hostgator.com/login/  —
    Log in using the info you created when you signed up with Host Gator.
  7. Once you’re logged in, look on the left side, under “Hosting Packages” and click “View Hosting Packages”:
  8. Copy the nameserver info: Copy the info after the colon of both “NS1” and “NS2” and save it somewhere because you’re going to have to paste it next.
  9. Log into your registrar next. The following screenshots are from an account on RicksCheapDomains.com, but you can find similar info on other registrars as well.
  10. Under “My Domains”, click on your domain name:
  11. Under “Nameservers”, click on “Set Nameservers”:
  12. A window will pop up and this is where you will paste the nameserver info then click “OK”:  
  13. That’s it! It may take a few hours to take effect, but then once all is done processing, you will be able to log into your web space and get WordPress installed.


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