Installing WordPress

Now its time to install WordPress on your new webspace! First of all, the instructions below are for those using Host Gator as your host. (Yes, that is an affiliate link! If you go with Host Gator, please help a webmama out and use that link. Every little bit helps!) This is who I personally use and who I refer everyone to, if they are looking for a recommendation.


How to Install WordPress in Your Control Panel

Step 1:

Log into your server (control panel/cpanel)…usually the address is
This is what it looks like:

Log in using the username and password you set up when you created your account with Host Gator.


Step 2:

Now you should be logged in and looking at something like this:
Notice the blue bar headings for each section…starting with “Special Offers”, then “Host Gator Links”, then “Preferences”, etc…Scroll down until you see the heading “Software/Services” (3rd heading from the bottom of the page)…Looks like this: 


Step 3:

Click on “QuickInstall”:

You’ll now see this:


Step 4:

Again, you’ll see headings…First one is “Billing Software”, second is “Blog Software”…Under Blog Software, you’ll find “WordPress”:

Click “WordPress.”


Step 5:

You should now see this (minus the black arrow, which I drew on this graphic):

Notice now it says “WordPress” near the top…and there’s a “Continue” button. Click on Continue.


Step 6:

Now you will see the “Install WordPress” dialog. This is where you will fill out all your info for your new WordPress installation. Make sure your domain name is in the dropdown menu, and if you want WordPress to power your entire site, don’t put anything in the box next to the slash.

Fill out all fields (all this info can be edited later, if need be)  and click “Install Now!”:


Step 7:

A green status bar will show the installation process and then when it is complete you will get this message, with your login info:

You will also get an email with your login info. Now you can log in, at the link provided, with the username and password given! You’re all set!

Once you are logged into your dashboard, you should change your password by going to Users>Your Profile….scroll down to the bottom of that page (you can fill in all the fields as you like) and you’ll see “New Password” all the way at the bottom. Don’t forget to click the “Update Profile” button once you’re finished.

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