Registering for webinars just got easy!

I’ve only been doing this a couple weeks really…But already I’m getting things streamlined. Before, I had a Google doc form for people to sign up on if they were interested in joining one of my “Web Design for Kids” webinars…But that meant that from there it was all manual for me. I had to be responsible for manually sending out follow up emails and getting the Paypal requests for payment set up and such…who’s paid, who hasn’t, who’s picked a date, who hasn’t…yada yada yada…Big pain. So then once I discovered Instant Presenter, it all became easier for me but I didn’t realize it yet!

Well, to be fair, there was a lot to learn about with their system. Its very fully featured and robust and there’s just so much you can do with it! But this week I hunkered down and figured out the registration/payment system. WOW. Now I just set up the classes with all the info in one spot and make it live, then people just visit My Webinar Hub to see what’s coming up, choose and register and pay all in one place! I LOVE IT!!

So easy, and smooth and professional! Just what I needed!

Now time will tell if there are any features that I DON’T like…but so far, so good! I do need to figure out what sort of a report they allow me to export of my registered users, but I’ll learn that as I finally have people in the new system and can fiddle with it.

Best way to learn is to just jump in and try! I’m finding this to be true of so many things! I teach the kids to jump in and try their hand at web design in WordPress with me…and I’m jumping in and learning this new Instant Presenter system. SO FUN!

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