Prebuilt WordPress Sites

What is a prebuilt website? Simply put…its an entire website pre-created for you. Ready for you to customize and GO!

Now, this is a little different than a “turnkey” website, which would have ALL content already included and ready to just “turn the key” and go.

My sites do not yet have all relevant content, and need to be filled in by you…but the basic structure has already been built and provided. All categories have been created and generic pages created for you to edit.

The idea comes from my original site,, which is a local family resource site created with WordPress. This site has enabled my family to benefit from the extra income, from ads placed on the site. At the same time it provides an invaluable resource for my local community. I want to help others create similar sites for their own areas, to help their own families. My prebuilt sites will provide you with a basic website structure, similar to It will also be created with WordPress, which is a free, simple, user-friendly platform for building websites.


What you get:

  • I will set you up with your own domain name and hosting, or walk you through it if you’d rather do it yourself.
  • I will install WordPress for you
  • I will import the prebuilt website of your choice
  • I will help you set up the theme of your choice
  • I will help you set up and learn to work with WordPress via Skype screen sharing
  • I will help you set up additional add-ons/plugins of your choice, including some that I recommend
  • After your site is set up and ready to go…I offer ongoing support and guidance for a very low fee

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