Below you will find a sampling of the sites that I have created.

My Websites

These are websites that I have created for myself.

Tina's Website Shop
This is my most recent creation. It started off as a MS Frontpage template I purchased years ago that I loved so much I had to figure out how to convert it to a Wordpress theme when I started transitioning all my websites to WP. It took a LOT of work and tweaking and research and problem solving to get it to look the way it does. I am VERY proud of how much work I put in and how well it turned out, nearly identical to the original design (that's not easy, since WP has a very different way of structuring things.)
Fresno Family

This is the first official website I created. It is a local family resource site.

It is a Wordpress site I created using Artisteer and purchased and created graphics. The header clothesline was a graphic from a Wordpress theme I purchased, which I tweaked.

Homeschool Realm

This is a site I created when I wanted to share great ideas and resources about the homeschooling journey our family is on.

It is a Wordpress site created with Artisteer. The header graphic I did create myself using Gimp. That's about the extent of my graphic design abilities, though, lol!


These are sites I created for friends or organizations with which I am associated.

Fresno BabyFest

This is the site for a local nonprofit annual event which I helped found and organize for the 6 years that it ran.

The site was created from a MS Frontpage theme I purchased and tweaked. All photos on the site are photos taken at the actual event by a local professional photographer that our event partnered up with.

The Learning Village Homeschool Resource Center of Fresno
This is the site of a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit which I founded and continue to work on. It is a Wordpress theme which I created using graphics I acquired online and the program Artisteer.
Ulster Family

This is a site I created for a friend that agreed to be my guinea pig and help me sort out the logistics of helping someone in another city create their own version of my original site, FresnoFamily.com.

It is a Wordpress site created with images from a photographer friend of hers that had local pictures of her area, and Artisteer.


These are websites I have created for clients, for pay.

A Wish Your Heart Makes
This is a client's site that I did not create...but I've been working on revamping it in a big way. Many of the simple graphics I created myself and some (like the main header) were created by a professional graphic designer. I've also been tidying up the site and helping to make it easier to read and more attractive to view.
Gypsy Garden Arts

This is the first site I ever created for pay.

It is a Wordpress site with a theme I created using Artisteer. The graphics were images the client gave me that I gave to my husband (who is much better at tweaking graphics than I am) to add color to and create the background image.

Kuma Fly Fishing

This is a very simple and small site I created for a friend's brother's business.

It is a Wordpress site based on Wordpress.com, using one of their themes. I created their Wordpress.com account, added their business graphics and content from a previous website, added shopping and Facebook buttons to their homepage, a contact page with a contact form, and forwarded/masked their domain name to the Wordpress.com page.

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