I am no longer taking clients

Due to my desire to focus on homeschooling my kids and my business at HomeschoolRealm.com and my local homeschool field trip business, I am no longer pursuing this business at Tina’s Website Shop. I keep this website only because I may one day come back to it. For now, it is on hiatus. I only have one remaining client, and am no longer taking any new ones.

I’m for hire!

Working on adding info on this website about this, but wanted to give a heads up that I am hiring myself out to anyone that would like to have a WordPress website built for them. Or tweak an existing one. Details to come.

The webinars are still going to be happening, from time to time…but I am going to try to offer more services and try to broaden my prospects more. 🙂

Registering for webinars just got easy!

I’ve only been doing this a couple weeks really…But already I’m getting things streamlined. Before, I had a Google doc form for people to sign up on if they were interested in joining one of my “Web Design for Kids” webinars…But that meant that from there it was all manual for me. I had to be responsible for manually sending out follow up emails and getting the Paypal requests for payment set up and such…who’s paid, who hasn’t, who’s picked a date, who hasn’t…yada yada yada…Big pain. So then once I discovered Instant Presenter, it all became easier for me but I didn’t realize it yet!

Well, to be fair, there was a lot to learn about with their system. Its very fully featured and robust and there’s just so much you can do with it! But this week I hunkered down and figured out the registration/payment system. WOW. Now I just set up the classes with all the info in one spot and make it live, then people just visit My Webinar Hub to see what’s coming up, choose and register and pay all in one place! I LOVE IT!!

So easy, and smooth and professional! Just what I needed!

Now time will tell if there are any features that I DON’T like…but so far, so good! I do need to figure out what sort of a report they allow me to export of my registered users, but I’ll learn that as I finally have people in the new system and can fiddle with it.

Best way to learn is to just jump in and try! I’m finding this to be true of so many things! I teach the kids to jump in and try their hand at web design in WordPress with me…and I’m jumping in and learning this new Instant Presenter system. SO FUN!

Well this is a really cool thing!

I am still really new to Instant Presenter, the system I use to power my webinars. I’m still finding my way around and playing with all the features and still discovering new ones! Today will only be my 4th webinar using their services.

This week I figured out this neat thing called:

My Webinar Hub

This webpage lists info about me and my webinars, allowing visitors to read about all upcoming classes, register and login once the class has started, and even check the times for classes in your current time zone!

It also shows my Facebook and Twitter feeds! Pretty neat! I’m very excited to finally figure this out!

So bookmark that link to my hub and watch for new classes coming up very soon!

Plans for Tina’s Website Shop

Some of the things I plan on having on this site once its fully up and running…

Biggest thing will be a sort of website-in-a-box opportunity…specifically a (very affordable) generic version of my own local family resource site, so that others can easily create their own local version. This is a home business which is both invaluable to your local community as well as wonderful for those of us that want to stay home with our kiddos and make a little extra money to help contribute to our family’s income. I’ve been running my own local family resource website for over 10years and through no major work on my part (because I learned this as I go…I simply didn’t know for many years what I could be doing to promote myself…I’ve since learned a LOT.) my site has gotten to the point of bringing in a lot of traffic (over 600 visits a day currently!)

I regularly get emails from people thanking me for all the info that I provide on my website (as nearly everyone finds it via search engine searches), and even from local business owners who’d like to update their info on the site! I want this for other work-at-home parents as well!

So for years I’ve thought this is the sort of thing that I would like to help others create for their own area. The possibilities for this sort of a site are absolutely endless…I have many extra ideas that I simply haven’t found the time to incorporate that I intend to incorporate into this website-in-a-box which I will be selling here on Tina’s Website Shop.

I also plan to do a lot of hand-holding for newbie website masters (in the case of moms, “webmamas,” a term I like to use for myself)…to guide people who know nothing about creating and running a website in running a successful online business and resource.

I also plan to sell WordPress themes which I have created myself here on Tina’s Website Shop. I am having a lot of fun using a program I recently purchased to do just this and I am looking forward to letting my creativity flow in this area, to provide sharp, professional, and yet friendly website themes for others to purchase.

Another plan is to conduct webinars to teach people how to use WordPress…especially children. But also adults who are absolute beginners.

My expertise is constantly changing in web design…I will also enjoy posting my own updates on the things I myself am learning about being a work-at-home-mom and WordPress web designer here.

There will probably be many more ideas that will become content for Tina’s Website Shop as time goes on…I’m really excited to unleash my creativity on the world via this new business!! Stay tuned!!